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Post from an iPhone?

Let's see if this works without a hitch, writing from my new phone, finally have Internet on the go which is something I've wanted for ages and it's extremely useful. Just found the blogger app and using it for the first time. Please excuse any spelling mistakes!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Human Intervention Devoid of Human Life

These four images ended up being the final four two meter wide prints for my end of year project for my college course, it's taken a little time but finally I've got them up on here. 

Human Intervention Devoid of Human Life
This project looked primarily at how public places, which are usually populated and busy during the daylight hours can change when the night falls. Essentially their use is stripped of them once everybody goes home at the end of the day. Car parks are a primary example of this, most of the time they are full of cars and people going about their day to day business, but at the night time they are left empty, the mood changes, and they become empty space quite often right under our noses in towns and cities. I wanted to document exactly how eerie these spaces can become at night, they become slightly scary, you aren't meant to be there really. The warped perspective highlights these feelings, making the tarmac and bricks wrap up around the viewer hopefully creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. Best viewed big.