Thursday, 1 April 2010


A couple of album covers designs for a mate's band, really don't mind if they use an idea or not, I just want to get as many album covers in my portfolio as possible. I've always said the perfect position I would wish to be in is just creating album art, album covers, for bands, from the local scale to the huge scale spanning all genres. I do find album covers all unique pieces of art, and i especially like the guys who do work for Vampire Weekend, especially their album Contra, and La Roux, even though i hate her with a passion. Ellie Goulding is worth a mention too because she is just devine.......

AS BROTHERS WE STAND (That's their old band name, they've had a reshuffle lately and changed the name, they're also on tour all across the country which is starting soon and worth a look)

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