Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Exposure Fun

Just a little bit of fun I had out the other night, I happened to have my camera because we tried to do a bit of urbex, but we got put off by a huge bull standing between us and the place we wanted to get to. It wasn't so thrilling, and I probably would have slipped and caught my balls on the electric fence. it would have ended in tears.

This next photograph was absolutely hilarious to take. It was basically a huge metal iron gate to a truck park, for some reason it was being used on this particular evening. We pulled up really close in the car, looked at the sign which someone has hilariously changed to 'Beware of the Bag' which I found brilliant, then suddenly we hear clattering and the gate opens just a crack and this proper old hillbilly trucker guy pokes his head round the corner. I'm sat there with camera to my face, my mate just SHOVES it into reverse and we were gone before he had chance to say anything. oooh that was so good

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