Monday, 26 April 2010


I've had a really busy few days, I've been frantically writing words for my college course, luckily, all the words have been written, everything handed in, and I can firmly say I am exhausted. My late night last night didn't help matters either..BUT, all in the name of art! I got another set of initial photographs for my final major project. And that leads me onto the point of this post, I experienced a tiny little bit of security guard trouble whilst photographing the main place I want to photograph in Witney, the new multi-story car park. It's perfect! In the style of Rut Blees Luxemburg:

Very good album, listen to it

But yeah, I was told to move along and sent off site because I was taking photographs of this car park at about midnight. I wasn't in there after hours, I wasn't climbing up the walls to get better angles, I was simply taking a couple of photos for this project..but no. It got me thinking, 

I am not happy with Britain and it's CCTV cameras, it's a CCTV nation. 

Most frustrating thing? I can't do anything about it! Photographers are frowned upon, it's seen as a probe into someone's private life. Who give's a shit?! If you aren't doing anything wrong you shouldn't feel the need to hide it. I know, I know, my argument is not properly structured right now; I'm still tired, and I haven't figured out the absolute correct words for it, but when I do I'll make sure I'll let you know. It just makes me angry, enough to kick up a fuss. So now I have the dilemma, do I take the immature teenage route and say 'FUCK YOU GOVERNMENT' and go back and take these photos despite them telling me no, or do I take the more mature approach and fight with words which requires more thinking? 

On the topic, look at this site I found: NOT-A-CRIME.COM. That's where the title of this post comes from. 


It tackles this debate, and they are trying to set a date for a rally of photographers, holding picket signs saying just this.

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