Thursday, 15 April 2010


Just by chance this guy added one of my photographs to his favourites on deviantart, I noticed it, clicked to his gallery and I was pleasantly surprised by what i found. It's actually pretty funny stuff! Comics, some slightly 'out there', a couple made for a comic called 'The Aftermath' who's tag line states 'that's how it is from now on' which deals with the fear of terrorism after the 9/11 bombings. Some people may be offended, if you are one of those people - please navigate yourself away from my blog, I don't have time for you. These are really quite funny, i love them!

There are a few things which I'm not a fan of, like the drawings of the cars with big wheels. it's a craze I've never gotten into, so i tend to shy away from any image like that. But on the whole, the illustrations are really well drawn out, he's got talent and has definitely found his own technique. His ideas are really modern, to the point and topical, dealing with social issues of what feels like America yet he's from Canada, but me being a simple English folk will say they're pretty much the same anyway so it doesn't matter which one he's from

Links links links, here you go, take a look at them both, and spend some time on his deviantart account - he deserves the recognition.

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