Saturday, 10 April 2010


I've just experienced the worse few days of my entire life.
The story goes like this:
Me and a few mates had planned this epic roadtrip to Bournemouth, well St Leonnards near Ringwood which is near Bournemouth. It was going to be amazing, Wednesday till Saturday, loads of drink, celebrating Gary's birthday on the Friday, I'll be driving down as well as Tyrrell, we bought our own tent specially for it. And for me it was the worst couple of days I've lived through..and I nearly didn't make it. Just before the trip I had come down with something, an illness, nothing too severe, I just felt a bit monged out by it, I thought it'll be fine, so i powered through it, and I probably should have just stayed at home. Pretty much 90% of my entire trip was huddled up in my sleeping bag in my car trying to keep warm. EPIC FLU. Running a proper high temperature, i couldn't function, couldn't get up and do anything, didn't enjoy a moment of it. That's a lie, I saw one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen, Bournemouth beach at 5am, except I left my camera behind at the campsite and I didn't get any photos. damn! I nearly died man, i should have gone to the hospital up the road, i was that fucked. we all left a day early, i feel really bad for it, i made gary drive back to witney on his birthday! oh how bad. Better luck next time? If there ever is a next time

That's a fair idea of what it looks like in the night time. Not taken by me but a budding photographer called Mark Cummins

Just took a quick look and he does have some brilliant photographs of this and other things, I'll take a deeper look and give you an insight to more of his photos, looks like a winner!


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