Friday, 2 April 2010


Seriously warming up to this idea of having a blog, I would love to keep this going. It's fine for just general moaning, slagging off and then more moaning, cos face it, whoever I write about they probably won't ever see this. So yeah, Fuck you and Fuck you too

Just thinking, I am not a fan of the whole 'artistic' side of art. When I say 'artistic' I mean pompus. I don't like the pomposity of a successful artist, because it usually comes hand in hand with a fuck load of arrogance. And I fucking hate arrogance in anyone else but me, but don't get me wrong I try to stay down to earth with it all. I don't like people who fuck around, just tell me what you want doing and I'll do it, if you don't like an idea just say it, don't beat around the bush and just offend me, I would prefer that. Don't say 'like' or 'kind of like' or 'I was thinking something like' because it really gets on my tits. If someone isn't straight with me, it pisses me off, which is probably why I've been single for a year now, I've been waiting for someone who is nice, but will tell me when I'm being a cunt. I want someone who has an opinion, I like debates and arguments, and I also like to drop it all then just spend an evening in watching telly. I want someone to make me work for it a little bit, not just stroll in smiling faces everywhere and let it all drag on. You get me? Maybe I've set my standards too high or maybe I've just been really fucking unlucky. Actually wait, now, I've been stupid, that's what it is.

But still, moving the fuck out of witney come July, straight into Swindon. or Swinton as I insist on calling it. Ducklingdon, Farington and Abington.

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