Sunday, 4 April 2010


Today's been a good day already. It's nearly quarter past five, work starts at half past, doesn't matter if I'm a little bit late, it's not exactly serious - it's a fucking pizza delivery job, costing me a shit load in the long run because of all the thousands of miles its putting on my semi new car. Bullshit. I got up at 12, had the best fry up I've ever cooked, then went to my quiet place in the car, in the car, and drew. It's sunny, I'm fully topped up on nicotine, and tonight I shall be relaxing down the pub with a coke.
Thankyou to the tea people last night, I really need to see if you lot exist on the internet, nice to know we'll be in your newsletter for bringing our own tea bags. Nice people you are, you're doing a wonderful job. Thanks for making me have a late night though.

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