Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Urban Exploration

This is linking in with my FMP idea, 'Human Intervention Devoid of Human Life'. Urban Exploration - the act of poking your nose where it's usually unwanted to reveal the gems in our towns and surrounding areas. All these places were once bustling with life, but now lay abandoned and wrecked, gutted and of no use and usually just an eyesore to the surrounding area. I love it. I'm going to be taking photographs of these places, I have a list of a few places I want to hit, I've yet to get any proper photos yet, I've only got a couple on a point and shoot which don't come out very well. It's really fun though, tonight a group of us went up the Shipton Cement Works which has been left abandoned for about 30 years now, I managed to find some electrical blueprints from the 1930's on the floor, so naturally i nicked them and now they're in the back of my car and probably wont see daylight again for another 30 years. The grain silo in Water Eaton near Kidlington has unfortunately been totally shut off by a company called Protex (dickheads). Can't get in unless you can tear down huge sheets of aluminium with your bare hands. Oh well, that place looked good. Anyway here's some photos:

"I'll shove it up your chuff"

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