Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Finished, all done, with the best possible outcome

It's been a busy few weeks, my art foundation course has come to an end, I have pictures to show you from the private view, which went down absolutely brilliantly. I found out my result last Thursday - I came out with a Distinction. It's put me in the best situation imaginable, which is a bit of an achievement really.

It's worth three A Levels, 360 UCAS Points I believe, add them to the A Levels I already have, and I have way too many to comprehend. It's all going to help me out once I decide which uni I want to go to. I've set myself up good, and I know I'm definitely on to something. 

Was I expecting this grade? No way! I had mentally prepared myself for a Merit - which in itself is a big enough achievement. It took me a few seconds to read the letter, I had to scan over it three times to make sure it said what it thought it said. Pretty pleased it a bit of an under statement. I'm fucking made up about it.

To celebrate, I thought I would treat myself to a new camera (I know, ANOTHER one to add to the collection..). A Canon Ixus 100 IS. Small, compact, fits in your pocket, take it anywhere, robust, surprisingly good quality. Pretty damn perfect little package, Chloe already has one, I followed suit and bought my own. Hey, I earned it.

I've been messing around with my Holga, shot a few rolls on it now, starting to understand its little quirks and anomalies, having a bit of fun with it really - I'll scan a few photos in and shove them on here in a separate post, some of them are worth a look. But the amount of under exposed dark dull images which have been developed are SUCH a waste of money. I've been buying expired film, partly because it's cheap, partly because they may give an unintended result - like saturated colours, dull colours, odd marks. I don't know, I haven't actually used any yet. I got 10 rolls and a free film camera with the purchase, a couple of the rolls I technically got for free since the guy who posted them must have slipped them in by accident. I'm not complaining! I've also struck gold, in a petrol station near where I live, behind the counter is about 30 rolls of Kodak colour film, 36 exposure, and due to an error on their behalf, they're giving it away at just over a quid per roll. I plan to go down and clear their stock, just buy it all up. I could even sell it on ebay to get some money there's an interesting idea. 

I've been thinking a lot lately, I've been sitting back and taking time to think about stuff. Philosophical stuff. I'm feeling quite knowledgeable lately.

I've also been thinking about the projects I want to do over the next three years. I've got about 6 self directed projects I am treating as separate Final Major Projects. I'm going to try and get some of my work exhibited, it would be lovely, an experience, and an achievement, I don't know when where or how yet, but I would love to be in a gallery in a year's time. These projects, I will sit myself down and write up proper briefs on each of them, print them out, use them for reference. Shove a copy of them on here so you can find out what I'm doing with my time. But basically I'm going to have a very busy couple of years. My plan is to get into one of the top uni courses in one of the top uni's, with my plan I should be able to achieve this. But for now my life is on a well deserved educational pause, I'm moving out, enjoying the company, sitting back, relaxing, working obviously, and relentlessly boshing out the artwork. I see it as a well deserved break to education, I want to live life a little bit before I go back into it all again. I will grow up hopefully. And when I do finally decide to go to university, I'll be slightly more mature, with a better work ethic, and I go into uni, boom boom boom, come out with the best marks I can get. I want to go all the way, I'm tired of my half arsed approach to achieving things. I want to aim high so I am going to. I've just put together this little 5 year plan to help me do just that. 

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