Thursday, 22 July 2010

Robot Camera

It's finally arrived! My cute little Robot camera from Hong Kong. Literally just a hunk of plastic, it's even more plastic than my Holga, and that's saying something! But the interesting thing with this little gem is that it's got three lenses, making it some kind of Action Sampler camera.

Cute isn't it? I'm just running my first film through it, so I'm in the testing stages so far. I'm using some Afga 200ISO film, I bought it as a complete bargain. Expiry date? 2005. Number of Exposures? 36. How much did it cost me? 20p. Car Boot sale! They are such a brilliant place for picking up little gems. I cleared his whole collection of expired film away for just £2, that's 360 shots of expired beauty for pennies. I'm certainly not complaining. I do reckon thought he thought I was a bit weird when I said I'd buy the lot. 

"Are you a Photographer?"
"Well, I wouldn't say that just yet"

Lets talk a little bit more about this camera then shall we?

The build quality, as you may expect from a toy camera, is dire. Not very good, but it may give a few interesting light leaks from time to time, I'm not sure - I'll find that out once I process the first roll of film. It's focus free, with a fixed shutter speed of 1/100 seconds, with nice little lenses fixed at f/8 28mm. And when it comes to price, it can't be beaten. For some reason, this little babba only cost me £8 for the item, and for it to be shipped in from Hong Kong. You can't go wrong if it's that cheap! It came within a week as well which was pretty satisfying, I thought I wouldn't see it until mid-August. 

I'll keep you posted on my results with this little toy, but until then, here's a sneak preview of how the images look once they have been developed.

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