Monday, 13 September 2010

I got chased by coppers for these photos

Captured using a plastic toy film camera, Le Clic. Using Kodak Max 400ISO exp 2010

These photographs try to capture small fragments of where I visited that day. The environment captured used to be part of an RAF base in England, Gloucestershire. Today the buildings retain their old exterior and are used partially as a business park, although some remnants remain, and it's these small reminders I hoped to capture, with the beautiful faded colour caused by the build quality of the camera. Lately I have been consciously trying harder to look into the sky more often especially since the weather has been so unpredictable it means the skies are very active and the clouds look beautiful and are constantly changing.

Hilarious moment when we realised the security on the premises had got the police involved. A cross country run followed, and we soon got rounded up and questioned. 6 smokers running full pelt for 5 minutes. I nearly fucking fainted.

"What are you lads doing up here then, STEALING by any chance?"
"Stealing what? fruit from a fruit and fucking nut company?"

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