Friday, 29 October 2010

I miss having an always on reliable internet connection

I miss having an always on reliable internet connection, that's something I don't get at this house! Whenever I get the rare infrequent chance to spend some time on the internet here, it's always plagued with loss of connection and poor wifi coverage. Really quite annoying! I just wanted to drop by and post a couple of photographs up to tide you over, there's some illustration coming soon which I really want to put up here so keep your eyes open for that.

A little gem I found when I stopped off for a cigarette on a journey back to my home town. Didn't know it was there, I literally just stumbled across it after I had parked my car up. It's a nature reserve, and this is the view from the bench looking out across the water. I think I'll be stopping here more often!
Isn't this the world's coolest ash tray? Right now it's 3/4 full and is full up to the top with water which has turned a deep brown. I can't wait for the proper cold weather to set in so it freezes and explodes!

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  1. Ha! the sub-zero temperatures sure cleaned that one up!