Monday, 19 April 2010

Mark Cummins

Here we go, this is a guy I was talking about the other day, he took the photo of bournemouth at night, a lovely photograph, and since I posted that, I took a deeper look into his Flickr account and I found loads of things which really interested me, and you'll probably like to see them too.

His 'Scribble' series is just amazing, proper illustrations done on the move, some of them pretty abstract and weird, he definitely has his own style and it's shining through in the Scribble series. I'll put up a couple of links for you to click to, since it's a Flickr account you can't nick the images. I was going to do that just to make it easier but noooo flickr you're a pain in the arse

But definitely take a look at the rest of his photo's, or his 'photostream' as gay flickr calls it

You know the worst thing about this? He'll probably never know he's been recognised elsewhere totally out of someone's freewill..unless someone tells him

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