Monday, 31 May 2010

Fire Painting

Thankfully, the FMP is drawing to a close! But this is the last week I get to work on my project, I will be so glad once it's all over and I can sit back and relax for a time. I'm really sorry about not posting here for a good couple of weeks, I've just literally been college working, real working, and sleeping. No time for fun at all..well that's a lie, the past few weeks have been rather good. One of my closest friends gave birth only two weeks ago, and I can tell you now he is a cute little babbby, and I'm really excited for her and the baby's future, it will be brilliant for you both.

Today is a Bank Holiday, I'm giving myself a break from everything, and have found some time to sit back and finally check my blogspot blogs. Last night instead of going out on the town on the razz, I ended up going for a really cool fire with some old friends I don't get to see all too often. I took my camera down and messed about with some light painting (with burning hot logs). Take a look.

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