Friday, 4 June 2010


Yesterday I found a pretty fly website, well illustration blog really, but it's got plenty of photography on it too. It's extremely good, clean cut, easy layout, swish colours, fast loading. Perfect really. It's called You've probably all heard of it, but I haven't for some reason and only just stumbled across it.

One photographer who is doing something quite snazzy is Joseph Reisinger. In one of his series he is photographing reflections of shop windows, capturing the inside of the shop, sometimes people strategically places, and then capturing the reflections from the glass showing the wide world behind him in the streets. Some really interesting photographs from this work, definitely worth a look at the following link:

Of course, I had to have a go myself, not quite as glam but I was in my garden photographing the reflections of a couple of windows. It was a beautiful sunny day so I thought why not. And yeah, I'm pretty pleased with how it all works out. So pleased that I want to base some kind of project on this in my travels of my intended gap year(s).

Take a look:

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