Friday, 11 June 2010


Finally, to for fill the spirit of this blog, I've bought myself an inexpensive Holga for an absolute bargain off a guy in Manchester, £30.00 inc postage. Yes please. It saves all the hassle of importing from Hong Kong and wondering if I will ever see the damn thing after paying out of my arse for postage. I went for the safer option and went the second hand route. The only downside is that the one I bought was black. I wanted a sweet yellow one! Oh well, after I get paid next Friday I'll buy myself another one. Each Holga has a different character giving different results. Which is fine by me.

The Holga 135BC takes 35mm film for easy processing at my local Kodak shop, and the BC means it has a little insert with cut off edges behind the lens inside the camera, giving a vignette effect to the photographs. The normal 135 holga doesn't have this. Just a little fact for ya.

I'm thinking of buying a cheap multi coloured flash for it so mess around with, that's after I get the hang of using it. Which will literally take about 5 minutes because it's such an easy camera to use - after all it's a toy camera from hong kong, nothing professional. Just has a massive following of over enthusiastic adults in this country. It's amazing what sort of effect a plastic camera with a plastic lens has on people in this country who are used to the pristine dslr photographs you can achieve with the smallest amount of technical know how

I just can't wait for it to come through the post!

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