Sunday, 13 June 2010

Come Dine With(out) Me

Just been watching Come Dine With Me, the never ending series on Channel 4 which happens to appear to be on every day of the week, and something interesting occurred for once. The host cut her finger, and had to leave to go to the hospital, leaving her guests at her house, eating her food. They all said they felt weird doing it. Got me thinking, it's kind of a taboo to be in someone else's house while the owner isn't in, unless you know them really well or they're family. It isn't a done thing, the host always plays a part in your visit. And for the host to suddenly not be there any more turns it on it's head. The guests are sat there feeling awkward, and probably a little nervous to go poking around the house looking for the host, or an answer. I'd love it, I'd feel all these emotions, then on top of that love the situation I was in. It would be brilliant one day to do it, film a series of the  guests reactions, and time how long it takes for someone to do something about it and get up from the table.

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