Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Polaroid Camera

I thought I'd future proof myself a little bit and buy myself a Polaroid camera just incase I happen to run into some cheap film on the off chance. Fuck paying £40 for 10 shots! I visited my local sunday car boot sale in my home town, and I happened to find 10 shots of Polaroid film for just a quid. Thats one hundred pennies. Roughly translated as an absolute good buy. Of course, it was expired Polaroid film from 2008, which is totally sweet. I told the guy after I had bought it what it actually was. 

Me: "You do know that this stuff is worth like 30 or 40 quid on ebay?"
Him: "Oh really? No I never knew that (looking surprised)"
Me: "Yeah man, because they've stopped making it (slight pause because of the hay fever and the warm air). I just bought it for a quid, sorry about that (smile on my face)"
Him: "Oh that's fine, I used to have a load of it, because I used to use it for my job, but I got rid of it all now"

I walked away thinking "Shit me, he could have made an easy couple of hundred if only he had done 5 minutes of research before selling off his films for the oh so cheap price of £1"

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