Friday, 16 July 2010

Replacement Camera

Thankfully, I've got a new replacement canon for the faulty one I was blessed with the first time around, I usually hate returning items, it's usually because for whatever reason I am saying they're broken even when they aren't. But this time I was being genuine. And I just hope this one holds out.


There's one thing I am impressed with the most about this camera, the battery life. It takes a now standard rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, found in pretty much all point and shoot cameras. See, the last time I bought ant kind of digital camera for myself, it was back in the day when they gave you the option of either buying a really expensive single use pack of two AA batteries which pretty much lasted 100 shots. Or you could go for the more sensible option of buying a £20 pair of Sony Rechargeables, which yeah, still only lasted 50 shots before they got worn out and had to have a lie down. This Canon, I only charged it the once, when I first got the camera at the start of the month. Now, it's halfway through the month, I've used the camera relentlessly, testing out - you have to don't you? And the battery indicator has only gone down one little bar. Pretty impressive! Or maybe I find it so impressive because I have been so out of touch with technology for the past three or four years.

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